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Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a domain, start by logging in to your Olitt profile. Next, navigate to the "Domains" tab located on the left side of your screen. Click on "Domains" to begin searching for your desired domain name. From there, you can explore available domain options and proceed with purchasing the one that best fits your needs.
To connect a domain to your website, follow these steps: After selecting your template, navigate to the dropdown menu under "Site Actions" and choose "Connect Domain." If you don't have a domain, click on "Purchase Your Own Domain" to acquire one. If you already own a domain, select "Connect Domain." When connecting your domain, ensure that you have either linked your domain's DNS Manager to our nameservers (, or pointed your domain's A record to our IP address. This process will seamlessly integrate your domain with your website.
To manage DNS records, first, log in to your Olitt profile. Then, go to the "DNS Management" tab situated on the left side of your screen. Click on "DNS Management" and proceed to click on "Add Domain" to begin managing your DNS records.
Yes, you can get a free domain. However, this offer applies only to country-level domain names.