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5 Crucial Tips for Wix Restaurant Websites

In this blog post, we will look at Wix restaurant websites. Restaurants have a lot to think about. From what food to serve, how to keep customers happy and coming back time after time, as well as finding the perfect fit for their employees. 

With so many things to worry about it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for marketing your restaurant. 

If you are looking for a way to advertise your restaurant without spending too much money or taking up too much of your time, take a look at this article that highlights five tips restaurants should use when using Wix.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website-building tool. It can be used to create and build your own website without having to spend too much time or money doing so. 

Wix offers free tools that allow you to add text, images, videos, and more onto your site in order to help promote what you have on offer at the restaurant such as menu items, events, and upcoming specials. 

What are some tips for restaurants using Wix?

There are many ways that businesses of all sizes use websites these days but if you aren’t sure how best to utilize one then here are five important tips for making the most out of it:

a). Customization 

The first thing needed for any Wix restaurant websites is customization.

Customizing social media options allows customers who visit your page on their phone or computer to share your site with their friends and family.

How to customize your Wix restaurant website 

Click the “My Site” tab on your Wix website. Click “Customization”. 

Scroll down to find the option for social media and follow each of the steps in order to customize it appropriately.

Make sure you do not check off anything else as this will cause your customization options to become limited or disappear altogether! 

You can also use Wix’s support team if you have any questions about customizing your site further. 

The more features a website has, such as customizable social media pages, increased security measures and easy contact information makes a website easier for customers to navigate around on their phones or computers helping them feel safe while visiting. 

It is important that people who visit are able to see what they need quickly before making their decision whether or not to place an order or make a reservation.

b). Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising on social media as well as search engines allows customers to find your page easily, making sure they have a reason to come back for more! 

Having a Wix restaurant website is not enough.

You will need people to visit your site and make bookings. And to get that traffic, you can implement the paid ad campaigns to get you started fast.

As time goes, you will start attracting organic traffic from search engines.

But that won’t happen if you do prepare your Wix restaurant website for SEO.

c). Quality Photos/Videos 

Having high-quality photos of food or video tours of the restaurant will give people an idea about what you are offering before they even step foot in your front door. 

Photos are a great way for customers who visit your site to get a better idea about what you have on offer.

As such, make sure that they can see these photos clearly by uploading them onto their own page without having too many distractions around them such as ads or other text boxes. 

Customers need space to be able to view those images comfortably and easily which means keeping everything else minimalistic besides that main photo (and surrounding elements such as captions).

How do I add photos of my food? 

Adding a photo gallery is simple. 

Click on “My Site” at the top right corner of your screen and then choose “Gallery”. 

Add desired titles to each image or video that you upload, making sure they are relevant to what it actually contains. 

Also, make certain that both images and videos have been optimized in order for them to be easily viewed by all users without any issues caused by downloads being too slow (which can lead to poor ratings).

What is an Image Map? 

An image map allows users with visual impairments to have an easier time navigating your site, while everyone else can benefit from the clickable option of being able to see more detail about what you are offering. 

How do I add an Image Map? 

While on your Wix website move the cursor over one of the images that you want to feature in a map and then press “Edit”. 

A box will appear with options for editing including adding words or captions below it as well as having it be part of a larger image map (clickable). 

You can also choose whether that particular image is best suited at full-screen size or if it would look better when surrounded by other photos which mean clicking “View Full Size” under photo settings. 

This helps create clarity between everything around it.

d). Mobile-Optimized 

When Wix says that it is a mobile-friendly website builder it means business. 

With over 50% of users browsing the internet from their phone websites should be approachable by any device possible so make sure your restaurant’s online presence is easy to access no matter where someone might spot you! 

e). Social Media Integration 

Your new website can function as a social media page. 

This means that you will be able to update the site whenever there is new information about your restaurant, such as an upcoming special or changing menu items

Wix restaurant websites features

Wix has introduced a special tool for creating restaurant websites.

This tool allows you to;

  • Build a professional menu and customize the design
  • Take online orders without paying commissions
  • Let customers book tables 24/7
  • Promote your restaurant with powerful marketing tools

How to Create Your Wix Restaurant Website

Follow these steps in the Wix Restaurant website builder: 

  1. Choose from 60+ professional restaurant website templates
  2. Customize your design to fit the vibe of your business
  3. Add your menus and dishes to the restaurant page
  4. Set up online ordering or table reservation features
  5. Publish your website and bring in customers with a range of marketing tools

What is more?

You can receive orders directly from your website and;

  • Manage your orders with the online ordering system for restaurants
  • Process orders without paying commission 
  • Let customers select pickup or delivery
  • Get paid online with secure credit card payments or offline in cash

Now that you have read five tips for restaurants using Wix, are there any other ways it could help promote your business?

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