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Which Is Better Wix Or WordPress?

This post, which is better: Wix or WordPress?, aims to answer the question of which site builder is better: Both Wix and WordPress are free website builders.

What comes to mind when either Wix or WordPress is mentioned? Well, for me it’s about the free website building and ease of use.

There are a lot of things one can accomplish with the two website builders. The two are popular and competitive but they serve very different purposes. 

Let’s take a closer look at both platforms individually and see which is better.


Wix, which was established in 2006, is a website builder that allows you to create custom HTML5 sites without writing any code.

It has drag-and-drop tools that enable you to select different elements and move them around on the page.

Wix  or WordPress

It’s a good option for beginners because of its drag-and-drop interface, but it also allows you to do more advanced things if necessary.

Wix is also popular for its Wix toolset that offers you a lot of valuable features like:

  • eCommerce
  • Blogging
  • Flash videos
  • Photo galleries
  • And more (for a fee).


  • Ease of use- Wix has a drag and drop interface for website building
  • Mobile-ready sites- all templates are designed to be usable on a mobile device.
  • Secure- Wix uses the https protocol and offers malware scans to keep you safe.
  • Expert help and support – Wix technical support is available 24/7 to help you with any technical issues.


  • Branding on Wix’s free plan- Wix’s free plan adds Wix ads to your website.
  • Templates are not interchangeable- once you choose a template that’s what your website will look like.
  • You can’t move your site- if you decide that you want to move your site to a different hosting service, you will have to contact Wix.


WordPress, on the other hand, is an open-source CMS (content management system) that was launched in 2003.

It has gained popularity over the years, and it is now used by 37.4% of all websites worldwide. WordPress is easier to use than Wix because you don’t need any coding skills to work with it.

Wix  or WordPress

However, users who want more flexibility can still download plugins that will let them do certain things in WordPress that are not available in the basic version.

WordPress offers many free plugins that can enhance your site’s features, and it also has a huge market for paid WordPress plugins.


  • Free- WordPress is free to use, and it always will be.
  • Ease of Use – the dashboard is easy to navigate when you build a site with WordPress.
  • Plugins – there are over 49,000 free plugins you can download to enhance your WordPress site.
  • Mobile-friendly sites- all WordPress sites are responsive and optimized for mobile devices.
  • Expert support – you can contact WordPress tech support via email or phone to get help with any technical issues.


  • WordPress is a CMS, so it allows you to add and edit your site’s content from the dashboard. However, if you’re not tech-savvy this could be a problem.
  • Templates are not interchangeable – WordPress templates are designed to work with WordPress. If you’re not tech-savvy this could be a problem.
  • Domain name – you need to buy your domain name separately, as WordPress does not offer it as part of their service.

7 Wix or WordPress similarities:

1. They are both free website builders

Wix and WordPress allow you to create websites for free. They eliminate the hassle of coding and design. So the first step is to know whether you would like to create a website or not. 

Although both Wix and WordPress are free to use, the premium features offered by both enable you to do a lot more with your site.

Well, don’t be in the hassle of hiring someone to build a website for you. Build it yourself with Wix or WordPress for free!

2. Both are popular

WordPress and Wix have to build a name for themselves over the years. WordPress is more of a CMS, so it’s more popular for blog sites.

Wix however has become popular with its ease of use and tons of tools. The two are competing and making value propositions that are very different. 

Whichever you pick Wix or WordPress you are guaranteed to get value. The two have built their brands to make them usable for all.

3. Both are mobile responsive

Wix and WordPress both have mobile responsive designs which means that they adjust perfectly on any type of device. This is one of the most important things to have on your website.

You won’t have a problem with responsiveness no matter which platform you choose. If your site is not responsive it will be difficult to attract new audiences. 

If your main goal is to get a website ready as fast as possible, both Wix and WordPress are good options. Get creative with either of them.

4. Neither Wix nor WordPress are good for ecommerce

While you can sell items on both platforms, neither Wix nor WordPress is built specifically for that purpose. The two are built to help you create an online presence.

However, they have tools that one can use to create a store. That being said, there are some options out there that will allow you to sell goods on your website.

Utilize the two platforms to grow your online presence. Also, one can make adjustments with the right tools and create a good store.

5. Both are secure

These two platforms take security very seriously, and they guarantee that your site will be safe from hackers. Security is a major concern when you publish content online. 

Both platforms have secure payment options. Both you and your clients are protected from malicious people. Transact online safely with the two platforms.

When your site is safe, clients trust you and want to transact with you. No one wants to lose data to malicious people who will use it for their gain.

6. Both are easy to use

Both WordPress and Wix offer drag-and-drop interfaces that make it easy to edit your site without knowing coding languages.

You do not need any design skills to work with the two. This is because you can just drag and drop the elements where you want them to appear.

Even if you don’t have any previous coding skills, they both will offer help throughout the process of building your website. You have an easy creation process that does not take much time.

Besides, everything will look professional.

7. Both are good for SEO

WordPress is an excellent platform for website optimization because it uses Google technologies by default. The two platforms are great choices if you want to get your site on top of search engines.

They both have in-built SEO features which allow you to edit metadata or add your sitemap. The two platforms are constantly updating their tools to help you get the best results when it comes to search engine optimization.

Your website will be easily rankable and traffic won’t be an issue. Clients and visitors will be able to find your site fast and your site will grow.

The 9 Wix or WordPress Differences

1. Wix or WordPress: Security

With Wix, the security is not as good as it is with WordPress. One of the main reasons here is that you don’t have as much control over your site.

With WordPress, the security is a lot better because it’s a platform that allows users to have a lot more control. WordPress uses the latest technology, so there are no compatibility issues at all.

When you need a more secure website, WordPress will be the number one choice for that job. Besides, WordPress has constant updates and patches which you will not get with Wix.

2. Wix or WordPress: Speed and Tech

WordPress was built from the ground up to work as a CMS, so it’s optimized for speed and tech. It can work even with slow servers, but Wix is not as capable.

Wix is a platform that you can use to create a website with ease, but it is not as powerful as WordPress. With Wix, the speed may be slower because of your hosting circumstances.

WordPress handles the tasks extremely well. If you want a full-featured CMS, you should go with WordPress.

3. Wix or WordPress: Ease of Use

WordPress is a platform that was built to be as easy as possible to use. You can create your website without any coding skills and it will work just fine.

WordPress allows users to be very flexible and it offers a lot of customization options. It also has a ton of themes and plugins available for download, so one can use them if one wants.

Wix does not have as many features or tools as WordPress does, but it can be a good option if you don’t need to have a very flexible website.

4. Wix or WordPress: Design and Layout

WordPress is not as well-suited for beginners who need help designing their websites. Wix offers much more flexibility from the design perspective, but it won’t allow you to create anything that looks too unique.

WordPress is a platform that offers many themes and plugins to download for free, so you can change your whole website’s look if you want to.

Wix does not have as many design options as WordPress. However,  it still has enough to allow users to get the basic features they need.

If you need a unique website, WordPress will not be the best choice for its design and layout.

5. Wix or WordPress: Price

Both are available for free, but WordPress offers more premium themes and plugins. If you need to have the premium stuff, you will need to pay for it.

You can download a lot of different WordPress themes and plugins that are very customizable. WordPress is more expensive than Wix, but it’s still available for free, so you can give it a try if you want to.

Wix plans are more affordable, but either way, you can use them for free!

6. Wix vs WordPress: Storage and bandwidth

Both Wix and WordPress offer a lot of space for your website to store content. Wix gives you way more storage in general.

But when it comes to storage, Wix is better because it offers more for free. Both Wix and WordPress offer unlimited bandwidth.

However, you will not need to worry about this point because of the affordable hosting fees on both platforms. You pay for what you need!

7. Wix vs WordPress:  Ecommerce comparison

Wix is much better at e-commerce site creation, offering an easy drag and drop interface for all kinds of ecommerce websites. 

However, Wix does not offer built-in tools that allow you to process credit cards if your site is a business or online store.

WordPress requires a lot of development knowledge for HTML/CSS to achieve the desired end result. However, it has a WooCommerce plugin that can handle all of your ecommerce needs.

The two platforms are not built for e-commerce but they can be used to create e-commerce stores. WordPress has more customizing tools for e-commerce.

8. Wix vs WordPress: Plugins and apps

WordPress offers more plugins, but they are also more expensive. If you want to have a lot of different features that work seamlessly on your website, you should go with WordPress. 

Wix on the other hand has apps that one can use to improve their site, but they are not as powerful as WordPress plugins.

9. Wix vs WordPress: Sharing and support

The community behind WordPress is huge. They offer a lot of existing services to help people with different tasks and applications.

WordPress has a large community that you can rely on for help. Wix support is also available, but their community is not as big.

Which Is Better Wix Or WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform to use if you need a future-proof website that can be highly customized and offers a ton of features for different purposes.

It’s the best choice to go with because it’s much more flexible and offers a lot of features that work seamlessly.

It offers more features for customization, plugins/apps that provide great value, support from the community, and is also faster if you use a good host.

At the end of the day, we have to say that WordPress has almost won the battle. It’s more expensive than Wix, but it does offer more things that are useful to users.

Wix on the other hand may be appealing to people who need to create simple websites without spending too much time learning how they work.

It works well if you want to create a simple website that gets the job done without much effort.

It’s not as powerful or flexible as WordPress because it was built specifically for users who are not good with coding.

Wix or WordPress: Wrapping Up,

It depends on what you need, really. For beginners who don’t have any coding experience, Wix is the winner because it’s so simple to use.

If one needs a more powerful CMS with advanced capabilities, WordPress would be the best choice. The task is up to you to decide. 

The most important thing is to choose the platform that fits your needs and requirements at this very moment.

And what’s even better is that both Wix and WordPress can be used for free, so you can try them out and see which one best suits your case!

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