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Wix Alternatives In Ghana

Looking for a website builder in Ghana? You have probably heard about Wix and you would want to compare among the Wix alternatives in Ghana before selecting one that perfectly suits you.

Firstly, we shall be looking at the Wix pros and cons and then delve into what the other website builders are made of.

Wix Pros

Wix Pros in Nigeria
  • Modern, sleek, and beautiful templates that are designed for a variety of industries for example sports, restaurants, travel, portfolios, etc
  • Flexible designs thanks to the high-quality pixel drag and drop editor that allows you to control where elements will be displayed on the page.
  • A well-resourced app-market that enables you to enhance your site with more features
  • Automatic site backup that enables you to review changes, restore your data and prevents loss of information

Wix Cons

  • The pricing plans are not as cheap, so if your budget is tight you might want to consider some of the options below
  • You can only choose your template once and after publishing your site you cannot switch to a different one. You can only customize the elements on your selected template
  • Does not support large online stores
  • Requires design skills to come up with a quality website and uilize the design freedom wisely

15 Best Wix Alternatives in Ghana

These are good Wix alternatives in Ghana that provide general functionalities, can host a small online store and are slightly cheaper than Wix.


Weebly started as a small platform but today they support more than 40 million websites. They are dedicated to constantly improving their tech and have simple pricing plans.

One of the best parts is that it has a beginner friendly approach, and their features are spot on. To add, the interface is well organized and the drag and drop editor function works seamlessly.

Weebly Pros

  • One of the easiest website builders that you can come across
  • It has responsive themes that you do not get to experience with Wix. Weebly automatically resizes your content on mobile displays
  • It works well for large websites as it can handle numerous web pages perfectly

Weebly Cons

  • Less flexible as working on a grid can be frustrating for designers who want full control over the outlook of the website
  • Lacks multilingual options for people who want to create international websites
  • A limited number of templates.

Are you deciding between Weebly and Wix? Weebly has better blogging features than Wix and has more structured designs. It is also better if you are looking forward to having a larger website with more than 20 individual pages.


Olitt is an upcoming website builder that produces remarkably beautiful websites. In addition, they have a drag and drop editor and prebuilt websites that makes it so easy for newbies to use the site. They boast of the cheapest pricing plans in the market.

Olitt Pros

  • Free SSL certificate for all sites published on Olitt
  • More than 200 professional, stunning, modern templates that are
  • Easy to use builder with a drag and drop editor and a friendly interface
  • Fast loading sites
  • Free SEO tools for all sites
  • Ecommerce features that are good for small online stores
  • Free domain registration for the first year

Olitt Cons

  • Few designs available

Is Olitt better than Wix? Olitt is one of the best Wix alternatives in Ghana as it produces stunning websites and is more affordable than Wix.


This website builder is popular for its podcast feature. They are also one of the sleekest website builders that is the best for blogs, portfolios, and online stores.

Squarespace Pros

  • Excellent templates and designs that are sleek, stunning, and modern.
  • A robust blogging platform with their blog management software ranking second after WordPress as long as you are not interested in all the SEO options
  • Great customer support who respond fast via the live chat

Squarespace Cons

  • Does not have a free plan, all you get is a 14-day trial period after which you must pay
  • The prices are higher than most competitors
  • They strongly rely on professional pictures which makes it look bad when you take them down
  • Slow loading speeds

Squarespace is better than Wix if you wan to start a blogging site or even a small online store since they have zero transaction fees.


They are popularly known for their hosting services however they have quite a useful website builder that you can use to build your own site.

Being a relatively new product, their product features cannot be compared to Wix. However, they have templates and designs that are closely alike to Wix and are easy to use.

HostGator Pros

  • They have over 200 templates that are visually impressive and very flexible hence enabling you to achieve any design that you can imagine
  • It is easy to use as their menus are intuitive and simple which makes it easy navigate the site
  • It has a site history feature that enables you to restore your website to a previous version. This helps when you delete content unintentionally

HostGator Cons

  • The source code lacks heading tags which is bad for SEO
  • A limited online store
  • A simple blog which lacks some crucial features

Is HostGator better than Wix? HostGator appears to be similar to Wix in, any ways only that it has limited features. The only advantage it has over Wix is that it is cheaper.


Jimdo supports approximately 20 million websites most of which are small business owners.

You do not need coding or web design knowledge to use Jimdo. This makes it one of the best Wix alternatives in Ghana as it also uses the drag and drop feature. They also have a clean interface and offers a great side-wide option for customising colours and fonts at the same time.

Jimdo Pros

  • Decent SEO options that help rank your site well in a search engine.
  • Ease of use which is largely enabled by the excellent editor and the site-wide tool is a great time saver
  • Jimdo allows you to create your own website from their app which also works for tablets and smartphones


  • Modest online stores without a functionality to import or export data using a spreadsheet
  • Templates are not as flexible for people who like moving things around. On this one, Wix is better
  • Limited features

Is Jimdo better than Wix? Jimdo suits users who like an already organised design. The responsive templates also save you a lot of time.


This is popularly known as the king of Content Management Systems. You can easily use it for blogs, online stores and any other website uses that you have. Let us find out what its advantages and shortcomings are.

WordPress Pros

  • Free software that gives you full control although you will have to pay for hosting and shop for other features
  • Scalable and flexible as it gives you full control over the features in your site
  • It is expandable with enough plugins and templates to create any kind of website for example, multilingual, digital publications, and real estate databases.

WordPress Cons

  • Installing the software can be hard and learning how to use it is not a piece of cake
  • Inadequate customer support
  • You have to take responsibility of maintenance and security of your site. With Wix, you can safely forget about such responsibilities

Is WordPress better than Wix? If you are looking forward to customizing your site 100% and upgrade it over the years, then WordPress is a great choice.


Duda have invested adequately in creating mobile responsive websites and they also offer remarkably interesting features. One of these includes a rare multilingual option and the unique Website Personalization tools which redirect users to different pages according to their browsing tendencies.

However, is it one of the best Wix alternatives in Ghana? Let us find out from the pros and cons below.

Duda Pros

  • It is one of the rare platforms that allows you to work in multiple languages
  • Drag and drop editor which provides an effective way to build a website
  • The Website Personalization Tool which displays special offers

Duda Cons

  • Duda is more expensive than Wix and other competitors
  • Lacks an app store which limits you from enhancing your site.


This is a Latvian company that is relatively unknown in website building. The most outstanding thing about them is that they allow you to create a multilingual website for free.

Mozello Pros

  • They have multilingual features which are available from the starting price $0
  • Free online store which has limited features but still worth checking out
  • Affordable pricing plans

Mozello Cons

  • Inflexible editor
  • Inadequate features, for customizing your site

Is Mozello better than Wix? Mozello is good for anyone who would like to create a multilingual website without feeling a pinch in pocket.


This builder is based in Czech Republic and has a 30m strong user base. It has existed for about 10 years and has invested in many iterations.

Webnode Pros

  • Multilingual options that lets users switch languages on your site
  • Modern templates that are responsive on any device
  • Has great SEO tools that give you plenty of options

Webnode Cons

  • It lacks ecommerce features
  • Missing features like advanced blogging functions, search bar, app store, and social media widgets.

Is Webnode better than Wix? If you want to create a multilingual website or a professional at a very friendly price, then Webnode is your choice. Otherwise Wix works well for you.


This website builder favours developers and designers since the user interface can be complicated to new users. on the other hand, their designs are sleek and they do not shy away from showing off their website builder.

Webflow Pros

  • Resourceful video tutorials that are easy to follow
  • Good looking designs

Webflow Cons

  • Lacks an online store
  • Complicated interface
  • Limited template choices

Is Webflow better than Wix? Webflow is one of the great Wix alternatives that offers big sets of tools that give you full control.

Summary of Wix Alternatives Pricing Plans

The table below contains a list of the pricing plans of the website builders discussed above. Click on the third column to access the specific websites and before subscribing take note of these three things:

  • Whether they have a money-back guarantee
  • If payments indicated are charged monthly or annually
  • How often the billing is done.
Website BuilderPricingAccess Builder
Wix$0 – $35Click Here
Weebly$0 – $25Click Here
Squarespace$12 – $40Click Here
Olitt$0 – $16.99Click Here
WordPress$0 – $45Click Here
Jimdo$9 – $39Click Here
Duda$14 – $39Click Here
Hostgator$2.75 – $5.95Click Here
Webnode$3.90 – $22.90Click Here
Webflow$3.90 – $22.90Click Here
Mozello$0 – $14Click Here
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