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[#7] Cheapest and Best Indian Website Builder

The official figures currently show that India’s internet user base is growing by 10 million individuals every month. This is a clear indication of the rising number of Indians who use the Internet for communication, learning and even shopping.

As more Indians keep on utilizing the internet, new commercial opportunities will emerge. 

This also means that you can choose to open an online business, publish a blog to educate your followers, or even create and promote a successful online course. So, it doesn’t matter whatever business concept you have. You will certainly need a website.

The best way to create a personal website is to use a low-cost website builder that has all of the features you want at a reasonable price.

As your business grows, you may upgrade to get more premium features.

Choosing the Cheapest and Best Indian Website Builder

To choose which website builder in India is the most cheaply priced, you must carefully analyze the features that each service provides.

Here are a few pointers to help you decide what to look for:

  • The vast majority of website builders entice you with exceptionally low first-year pricing. After the first year, their services revert to normal fees, which are generally high. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you consider the renewal charges before purchasing your ideal bundle.
  • Some website builders may give discounts or even run regular campaigns that will save you a considerable amount of money. To minimize the cost of your website, use any available discount or coupon coupons while shopping for a cheap website builder.
  • The most important components of a website builder are its ease of use, storage, bandwidth, security, and marketing capabilities. The greater the available bandwidth, the better. If not, simply choose the constructor with the largest bandwidth. When seeking marketing capabilities, look for professional email features as well as Facebook and WhatsApp connections.
  • Although you may not want advanced features when starting your online business, it is critical to plan for future growth. When choosing a website builder, be certain that the premium plans are something you can afford to upgrade to later.

Having mentioned the above necessities, below is a well-detailed list of the finest low-cost website builders in India. Feel free to click on the links to go straight to each website builder’s review:


Olitt website page

OLITT is at the top of the list of best Indian website builders that are free. It is new and has gained market acceptance owing to its simplicity.

It provides code-free website creation as well as a profusion of themed templates that are easily modifiable using a drag-and-drop interface.

The fact that it is a free website builder also means that it offers plans and prices.

Key Features

Olitt Features

A custom domain, as well as social commerce catalogues, a range of payment methods, shipping channels, marketing tools, and support systems such as helpdesk and live chat, may be linked to OLITT.

Business owners may manage both physical and digital things on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and their own web stores from their OLITT dashboard. 

OLITT also offers AI Content Writer, Screenshot Tool, Terms of Service Generator, Privacy Policy Generator, Anti-phishing Service, Domain Names Registration Service, and DNS Management Service.

Additionally, OLITT’S free plan includes the following features:

  • 500 MB disc space for storage
  • DNS management allows you to effortlessly handle all of your domains and other information.
  • link an existing domain with ease. 
  • 1GB of bandwidth 
  • Access to a variety of templates for pre-built websites.

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Wix website page

This popular website builder was founded in 2006. It also allows you to easily design a website using its drag-and-drop functionality.

Wix’s cheapest subscription is $4.50 per month for 500MB of storage. You may run a loyalty scheme and receive up to 50GB of storage as part of an upgrade.

Google quickly searches your website when you use Wix. To maximize conversion, Wix also leverages AI to create interest in your Facebook advertisements.

Key Features

Wix Features

AL Design

Choose one of the 800+ customizable website templates or use the drag-and-drop editor to create your website. You can also utilize the Wix ADI to have an AI-designed, bespoke website developed. You can also use the mobile editor to ensure that your website looks great on mobile devices.

Web Hosting

The Wix website builder comes with free hosting. Your website will have free SSL and 99.99% uptime, ensuring its constant availability and security. A global CDN can also benefit your website by allowing faster page loading for all users no matter where they are.

Business Email Address

Wix makes it simple to purchase a Google Workspace membership and link it to your domain to receive a business email address. Google Workspace mobile applications allow you to manage your whole workload, share calendars, provide email addresses to team members, and communicate.


Forget about expensive SEO strategies and take advantage of real-time Google crawling, customizable URLs, and image compression for faster website loading.

Wix assists you with your SEO efforts and allows you to monitor the success of your website through connection with Google Search Console thanks to its tailored SEO checklist (Wix SEO Wiz).

Selling Products

You may use Wix to create an online store and advertise your products and services to people in India and other countries. You may utilize an easy-to-use dashboard to manage your inventory, promote your business on social media, and accept online payments using PayU.


Wix pricing page

Connect Domain

Wix has a plan that is best suited for persons looking for a simple personal website due to limitations such as 500 MB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth. 

If you need more bandwidth and storage, you may select the Combo plan, which includes 3 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth.


This plan is ideal for a medium-sized business website. It can save up to an hour of video, has 10 GB of storage space, limitless bandwidth, and SEO tools. 

Businesses with larger storage requirements should select the VIP option, which includes 35 GB of storage and 5 hours of video.

Business Unlimited

This is the finest plan for launching an internet store. It comes with 10 hours of video, 35 GB of storage, a free 1-year domain, and the ability to register for a faster checkout process.

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Squarespace website page

Squarespace’s user interface is simple, making website creation a joy. It provides various designer-created themes that you may customize to meet your brand, albeit customization options are limited.

Premium memberships from Squarespace provide increased marketing options via the Unfold and Video Studio apps, as well as a complimentary one-year Gmail and Google Workspace account.

Squarespace is great for creating a blog, e-commerce site, or complex business website in just 10 minutes.

Key Features

Squarespace features

Website Design

Choose from a vast collection of website templates developed by designers, then customize them to your liking.

To experiment with font sets and color schemes to see how your website will look on different screen sizes.

E-commerce Website

Create an online store where you can sell both digital and physical items, as well as expert services. 

It is possible to print mailing labels, outsource fulfillment, accept PayPal and credit card payments, and collect product feedback.

Domain Name and Privacy

Squarespace allows you to effortlessly acquire a new domain or transfer an existing one.

For the first year, if you join Squarespace’s annual plan, you’ll receive an SSL certificate, free WHOIS privacy, and a free custom domain.

Website Marketing

Use email campaigns to drive traffic to your website and keep them coming back by incorporating links to your blog and goods.

With a Squarespace account, you can now access the pro editions of the well-known Unfold and Video Studio applications. 

Additionally, you may receive hundreds of social media post templates, including video ones, by using a teleprompter.

Google Workspace

To create your identity, utilize Google’s business tools to work with your team and a customized email address. 

When you subscribe to the Business or Commerce plans, you can handle your invoicing through Squarespace and obtain a free Google Workspace account for the first year.


Squarespace Features


This is adequate for running a blog for a small business. Everything you need is included, such as unlimited traffic, SEO tools, and basic website analytics.


This bundle is for you if you desire extra online marketing features as well as a business-grade email solution (from Google). 

You can get unlimited product sales with basic e-commerce tools, however, there is a 3% transaction charge.

Commerce Advanced

If you want to build a fully complete internet store, choose this package. Customers will be able to create accounts for faster checkout, sell on Facebook and Instagram, and send automated emails to recover abandoned purchases. 

On top of that, this plan’s finest benefit is that there are no transaction fees.

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Hostinger (Zyro)

Hostinger website page

Hostinger is one of the best Indian website builders in India due to its cheap bundle. 

Customers may build websites using this drag-and-drop platform, which also supports eCommerce and artificial intelligence.

For ₹149 per month, you can run an online business, get a free domain name, and get free hosting.

Hostinger includes Google Analytics and heatmaps to help you analyze and improve the operation of your website.

Key Features

Website Design

Choose from over 100 carefully designed website templates, then customize them to your specifications.

Every template has been mobile-optimized. 

Additionally, you may change the fonts and colors to better match your brand while adding and deleting website items using the drag-and-drop editor.

Marketing Tools

Small businesses may use Google Analytics data and integrated SEO tools to boost website traffic. 

Heatmaps are another technique they may employ to better understand how visitors interact with their websites and to enhance performance. 

Connections to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp make it simple to engage with website visitors.

E-commerce Store

Create an online store, benefit from an easy checkout experience that increases conversion, and sell up to 500 items.

It’s simple to set up email notifications, add any of the more than 20 different payment options, and manage your inventory and orders.

Email Address 

With Hostinger’s website builder, you and your team may create up to 100 domain-based email addresses. 

These are professional email addresses with 1GB of storage per account, email forwarding, and auto-responders.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

When you pick Hostinger for your website, you may be eligible for free hosting, SSL security, and a free domain. You may create up to 100 websites with unlimited bandwidth, which truly sweetens the deal.


Hostinger packages

Having everything in one package makes it easier to use Hostinger’s website builder.

When you choose Hostinger, your website receives free domain name registration, hosting, automated backups, and protection against malicious attacks.

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Shopify website page

Shopify is also the best Indian Website builder. It allows you to sell online to customers in India and other countries by providing over 8,000 apps and free designs.

Shopify enables you to save a lot of money by creating your logo and arranging your store’s return policy. This is done using Shopify’s free features.

Key Features

Shopify features

Website Builder

It is possible to create an e-commerce website using the free website templates that Shopify provides. 

Additionally, you receive 8,000+ applications and free stock pictures to enhance the features of your online store. You may sell as many things as you like with Shopify.

Business Tools

Rather than paying hundreds or even thousands of rupees for a web developer and a lawyer, use Shopify’s free business tools. 

This will allow you to configure your online store’s invoice system, create a logo, identify your organization, and establish a return policy.

Engaging Audience

Create a blog to attract readers from all around the world, including India. 

To communicate with visitors to your website, you may send personalized emails, use SEO tools, and use chat. 

On top of that, you may use chat to give discounts to customers and run Facebook ads to sell your products and enhance sales.


Using an easy-to-use interface, add and arrange your things, then tag them to help customers find what they’re looking for. 

You may also take advantage of a global CDN and boundless bandwidth by integrating PayPal and other payment methods.

Workflow Automation

Shopify is one of the few website builders that allows you to automate time-consuming activities and free up time to develop your online business. 

Automation can be programmed to start sales in the future, to automatically apply discounts to orders exceeding a specific amount, and to carry out multi-step procedures using third-party software.


Shopify Packages


This is the ideal plan if you intend to sell online effectively and efficiently without the need for a website. 

Order fulfillment and basic analytics, as well as social media selling, are available for ₹20 a month for the first three months.


Choose this plan if you want to sell a limitless number of products online. You will get access to a range of sales channels as well as 24-hour customer assistance.


Use this plan if you are working with a group of five or more people. Additionally, you will also be able to construct workflows and automate activities to increase your team’s productivity.


This plan is recommended for large teams that require more advanced e-commerce capabilities.

The strategy includes increased reporting in addition to lower transaction costs and a checkout that can estimate tariffs and import fees.

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GoDaddy website page

The fact that GoDaddy has a data center in India is among its strongest features. Consequently, this free website builder offers quick page loading, enhancing the Indian users’ experience with your website.

In addition, you can use the dashboard to handle social media and client interactions and obtain industry information to enhance your marketing plan.

Key Features

GoDaddy Features

Website Design

Once you customize an industry-specific template and add your content and logo, your business website is ready to launch. 

Along with email and social media marketing, GoDaddy Studio for content development, and round-the-clock customer service, you will receive an SSL certificate.

Digital Marketing

GoDaddy’s all-in-one marketing bundle includes lead-generating forms, centralized management over social media content and customer reviews, and SEO tools. 

Another tool that small businesses may use to arrange and generate content for over 200-holiday events is the integrated marketing planner.

Email and Microsoft 365

To acquire your clients’ trust, use a corporate email account and keep your emails synced across all of your devices.

The individual email plan costs ₹29 per month and includes 10GB of email storage. 

For a collaborative solution that allows you to assign tasks and share calendars, choose the collaborative plan, which costs ₹89 per person each month. You may also connect your email to Microsoft 365 apps to boost cooperation.

Website Statistics

Monitor the traffic to your website and receive ideas for improving your search engine ranking. 

You may monitor analytics on customer orders, abandoned carts, and email campaign performance. 

GoDaddy also gives market information so you can compare yourself to competitors.

Sell Products and Services

With GoDaddy’s online shop package, you can create a mobile-friendly e-commerce site with up to 5,000 products. 

You’ll be able to send emails in your company’s style and accept payments online with credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

To begin selling, you must upgrade to the e-commerce plan, which costs $999 per month on an annual basis.


GoDaddy Pricing


This bundle is ideal for establishing your online presence because it includes a free SSL certificate and a custom domain. The only disadvantage is the lack of integrated SEO tools.


Choose this membership if you wish to send up to 500 marketing emails each month as well as having SEO tools.


This package is for you if you send out a lot of newsletters every month or have a large email list. 

Additionally, you may utilize your dashboard to respond to social media comments and send up to 25,000 emails every month.


It is entirely up to you if you want to begin selling things online and have sales and promotions. You may accept payments via cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, as well as set up multiple delivery options.

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Big Rock

Big Rock website page

BigRock is a low-cost website builder that lets you choose between the United States and India as your server location. 

BigRock utilizes AI to help you create your website in addition to delivering free photographs from Unsplash.

In addition to the discounts, BigRock includes a variety of free items and services with every domain purchase.

Key Features

Web Hosting

Big Rock allows you to choose whether your website should be hosted on US or Indian servers. 

If any of your website’s users are from India, choose the India servers for faster page loading. Web hosting is included in all of BigRock’s website builder options.

Email Services

Professional email services with 5GB of email storage and built-in antivirus protection can be purchased. 

When you subscribe to the corporate plan, you may establish and extend your email list, as well as obtain 30GB of storage for each email account.

Domain Purchase

With every BigRock domain purchase, you get two email accounts with 100MB of storage each and anti-spam protection. 

Additional free features include email forwarding, domain lockdown to prevent theft, and the DNS management package.

Security and Performance

BigRock collaborates with SiteLock and CodeGuard to protect your website while increasing its speed.

These paid add-ons protect your website from malware threats, perform frequent backups, and monitor it to ensure it isn’t blacklisted for spam.



This plan is intended to get your website up and running quickly and is appropriate for basic websites. A free SSL certificate and basic website statistics are also provided.

Starter Plus

This plan is more sophisticated than the Starter. The only thing better about it is that it comes with a free domain.


Choose this option if you want to build a simple internet store. It allows you to accept payments via several payment options and sell things online. Therefore, you can consider BigRock as your best Indian website builder.


The introduction of website builders has simplified the process of creating a website. Websites are fast becoming the most effective way of contacting a huge number of people in India, a highly populous country with strong technology.

Depending on your tastes, the best Indian website builder of your choosing may be able to assist you in creating a website for free. Instead of letting ideas fade away, give them a shot. All the best!

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